SIJ injection day.

The SIJ injection appointment went off like I expected! Completely successful!

But, Dr. Gossler is a pro. The injections were easy. But I’ve only ever done them under anesthesia so I did take two Xanax for the appointment. One 2 hours prior and the second Xanax one hour prior to the scheduled Injection time. I was anxious and knew not to tempt the PTSD and I wanted to be relaxed during the procedure. So, I took 2 Xanax to cover my bases. Also, the wonderful husband drove me so I didn’t have to do anything but have my injections.

The Injections were not pain free but they certainly were not a deal breaker. I lay on my stomach, all propped up and comfortable and talk to the assistant the whole time she set up the injection tray. Doctor comes in, we chat and then Dr. Gossler reminds me these injections eventually stop working for people and then he said how LUCKY I am they work for me.

…WTF…. ** …luck? Who.The.Fuck said lucky and my name in the same sentence???… cause they’ll need a good ‘momma smack up the back of their head’ and it needs to be hard!! Fucking luck didn’t land me here, today. Sheer will and determination to live, that’s why I’m here.

But… remember. I was prepared and had a good amount of Xanax on board. I calmly remind him… he only gets to do TWO of my over all injections so I don’t consider myself lucky in any realm. But, until the day the SIJ injections don’t work, just do your part and shoot me up! I then took the opportunity to remind him to look for other pelvic diseases when his SI Joint injections fail for other patients. Since my pelvic diseases are all related. And CONNECTED!

Dr. Gossler quickly agrees that I am a complicated case. He started the procedure… He was quick and the worst part was the actual steroid injection as it fills the space completely. Dr. Gossler said I’d feel pressure and man, did I ever! Wow. But then it was over.

By the 8th hour after the injection, my pain went from a steady 7-8 to a 2. Thank God I didn’t Rambo this one and try and drive myself, although it’s harder to trick this system than the hospitals. LOL… anyways, my right leg was not cooperative after the injections and it took a couple hours to regain enough control to be able to walk on my own.

Here is what the injection sites looked like:

Overall, would I do it again? Hell yes. If you’re on the fence about doing the shots, don’t be. Do them. The pain you suffer daily is less pain than these injections… and if it works for you then you’re one step closer to finding the key to unlock your pain puzzle. If they don’t work, don’t give up on them, add other injections on, it may only be a percentage of the pain and not the total cause!

Today, I am 6 days out from the shots. Overall, pain is decreased systemically. Relieving the SIJ pain released the knotted neck and mid back muscles. They also released the butt and hip pain and the sciatica. Having that pain relieved allowed me to relax enough to calm the pelvic floor. I haven’t had a Charlie horse since Monday.

Fuck yeah! Success… however long it may be. I’ll take it. I do believe I’ll go ahead and schedule a procedure for ALL of the injections again in about 3 months. Go visit the amazing Hibner then the next week, SIJ’s again. Then, I hope to get a year between injections. A WHOLE year! A WHOLE YEAR! Wow… to dream. I’m dreaming of the day.



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