Happy Birthday, to me.

Yesterday, I survived my birthday.


But not before having to figure out how old I was. *giggle*


For real though, the husband had to get the calculator out because for some reason, I couldn’t remember if I was 44 or 43. Hubby did the math, in the wee hours of the morning… figures never lie. 43.


I wish I could tell you I felt like celebrating. But, I didn’t. I didn’t get a cake, didn’t ask for one, and there wasn’t any fuss. Hell, we didn’t even eat dinner together. I made the kid and I grilled cheese sandwiches. And, of course the dog swiped half the kids sandwich so even he had some grilled cheese. I ate some of my stash of cashew milk, salted caramel ice cream and went to bed at 930pm. Everyone else was already asleep and I had to be at work today at 6am to grant access to the building for maintenance. I didn’t tell anyone at work it was my birthday. I couldn’t stomach the thought of pretending I wanted to celebrate with people I hardly know.


My point this year was low key. SUPER low key…

<singing> AND MANY MORE….!!!


What I did get, was a sweet, sleepy ‘Happy Birthday’ wish from my husband, first thing in the morning. Then my sister called with the kid in the car and I got sweet hugs and kisses from the kid and well wishes from my sister. Then, the brother called followed by my dad. My favorite niece messaged to wish me a happy day. I also had family wish me a great day on facebook and instagram. My close friends and other loved ones all messaged me (the GIF’S were hysterical) and or left voicemails.

Driving to work yesterday, my mom visited me with an 11:11 on the screen in my car and a song that reminds me of her. It was nice she remembered my birthday this year, even if she is in heaven.

My love had the day off so he drove to town to take me to lunch. He enjoyed, for the first time, one of my little favorite gems, hidden in the center of Tucson. Then he took me for a cookie and a Starbucks coffee (he knows the way to my heart).

It was a great day. Quiet and calm. Just what I needed.

Happy Birthday to me. If this is what 43 feels like? Then, I’ll gladly give up claiming age 29 and just be 43.

And, I can’t leave with out an update on the medical procedure I’ve been trying to get scheduled and on the books with Hibner and Hastings for two months. Carina called from Hibner’s office. She said Hastings is now splitting her time between two organizations. GREAT. Because of this, She has no idea what Hastings schedule will look like and is unable to schedule until administration works out the details. *SIGH* Poor Carina. I asked her to remind administration that there is a patient caught up in their lag and I’d really like to know my date for relief. She said she’d tell them and call me as soon as she knew something. My pain has been about a 5, it spikes to an 8 but hasn’t really gone higher. This is a whole body inflammation response. Joints, sinuses, eyes, feet- everything is swollen. Hopefully I’ll have a date soon.

Until then, Pray. And, Be nice to yourself.



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