Appointment Eve

It’s appointment eve.


I’m fucking dying here. This pain is constant. It never lets up!

A. Constant. Deep. Ache.

And it just doesn’t stop. And you can’t find relief. I’m at a constant 6 on the pain scale now. This is my new, full time pain level. And, any spike in pain just gets added onto my already level 6, full-time pain. Which means…

I am super nauseous. I can’t eat full meals anymore. I lost two pounds. <<total palm to the forehead emoji!!>> I’m again resorting to super small handfuls of food. I alternate between looking 6 months pregnant and looking normal. My joints are swollen and painful. Zofran is my bff.

Yeah, so, the pain sucks but the worst thing for me now, is that my brain feels fuzzy again. Currently, I’m juggling so many things…starting my own business, working full-time, a 2 hour daily commute, my beautiful husband and our kid, our puppy, maintaining a clean house- to include laundry! And pain. Always juggling pain somewhere in that mix. But I simply cannot be fuzzy!

I know I had a lot more to say but my belly is finally full… yummy enchiladas and rice. Zofran to top it off, so it stays that way… and I’m heading to a hot bath full of oils and Epsom salts for a deep soak. I am trying to remember self care first. Rest. Tomorrow is only a damn consult… I’ve got to survive to the actual procedure date.

Wish me luck or say a prayer… hell, send me some good juju. What ever your thing is, I’ll take it. Tomorrow, I’ll be able to schedule my procedure and know how long I have to wait for pain relief, at least for a little while.



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