And just like that…

It’s a go.

I got a call from Jaffee’s office. A call I quickly declined and sent to voicemail. I haven’t had the mental bandwidth to answer that voice mail, still figuring it was for info only… until today. So I dial in and listen.

.~. They were calling to get me SCHEDULED for my procedure. Holy shit. .~.

They called on Wednesday or Thursday of last week but it’s been a hell week at work. … I know, what week isn’t hell week … for me… However, when the call came through I was in training and it almost made me have a panic attack so I quickly pushed it out of my mind and decided I’d come back to it later. Plus, I figured they just wanted a shit ton more information and I had zero time to answer anything.

Anyone that knows me knows these things… I despise phone Calls. Nothing good comes from a phone call… ever. Day or night. It’s always: Someone has died, you owe money or someone’s looking for someone I don’t know. And RoboCalls! Aye!!! Anyways, phone calls panics me and I rarely answer a call if I don’t recognize the number and even numbers I recognize, are difficult for me to answer. Full body panic upon my phone ringing. I often times just let my voice mail fill up and leave it there. Then, you’re forced to text me if you’re close enough to get to me. Another way I’m jacked in the head… a scaredy-cat cat over a damn phone call.

I finally listened to that VM today. Holy shit! How in the hell did he get the trial approved so fast!? Shit. My research isn’t even done. I’m not prepared for a yes. Guess I’ll call her Monday and get the lead placement details I’ve been putting off. Then see how far we can go out in scheduling. Then get my ass in gear on my research.

I’m already experiencing pelvic floor Charlie horses. And a collision with the dog ensuring a mild right SI joint injury. The pain is starting to intensify now. But, I want to be in a lot of pain before I do this trial and the pain I’m in right now is a 2-3 of what I can handle… that’s fucking chump change to me in the pain world, a 2-3, I’m used to experiencing.

I am now 4 months post injection/procedure.

More details as I round them up. Just can’t believe it’s time to schedule.



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