Next step in process

I did it. I called Hibner and got more info. He doesn’t do the interstim and I wanted to cry. I knew it would be too good to be true if Hibner did them too! That means, I have to leave my comfort zone and go see a urologist Hibner recommends. Hibner immediately spit out the name: Dr. Daniel Jaffee at Affiliated Urology in Phoenix.

I was assured by Betty, Hibner’s triage nurse that Dr. Hibner immediately said great idea and send her to Dr. Jaffee. She reassured me that Jaffee has experience with more than just urological interstims… like- PGAD???!! Pudendal neuralgia interstims too… yes!

I didn’t stop there, as is typical for me. I actually called Jaffee’s office and asked for a consult to discuss interstims. I stressed it is not for my interstitial cystitis. I want PGAD and pudendal neuralgia interstim consult. The amazing receptionist was not only knowledgeable but confident Jaffee could help me. She is familiar with the complicated cases Hibner sends Jaffee and is getting records faxed over for me. Jaffee’s receptionist goes a step farther and makes a sweep thru his schedule and can get me in in this month. By the end of April, I should know if I will begin my interstim journey with Jaffee or make a move to visit one of the other potential surgeons for this procedure.

I’ll post more after my consult!



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