Time for change.

I am a month past my last procedure. I always hate to post these, ‘I feel good’ updates because it usually fucks me and I end up in pain the next day… like Murphy’s law kicks in and surprise!!! The pain reappears and says- I’m back.

The IC is calm. No crazy spasms or urgency. The pelvic floor is calm 96% of the time. Experiencing A Charlie horse in a muscle you can’t reach really bites! The SI joints, while still hyper-mobil are relaxed enough to where I can at least pop them back into place on my own when they shift out. It feels good to be able to relieve my own pain. I’m at a two. Pain managed with half the MMJ I’ve been needing, and I am still opiate free.

The plan for next? As presented to me by Hastings from MRI results. Two phase recommendation: I was supposed to make a pain management appointment and discuss injections into the SI ligaments to ‘scar tissue them up’. That will supposedly help with the hyper mobility issue. Then, I was supposed to go see Hibner about the super vascular area that needs his attention. Almost a pelvic congestion syndrome needing coils vascularly inserted in the pelvic cavity. My thoughts? No thank you. To both recommendations.

I will be perfectly honest, I didn’t do very much research on either procedures because If I allow ligament injections, my husband and I both know, I’ll end up in a wheelchair in ten years. If I allow any type of vascular surgery in my pelvic area, it can never be undone… never return to pre-surgical state and it’s all a crapshoot and I’m so sick of being a medical guinea pig. I’m sick of treating one thing and creating more problems. I’ve said it over and over, my body has proven it doesn’t do what you expect and then stop, hell no. This body goes so far to the extreme it requires procedures on top of more procedures and still more to fix the damage and fuck ups of prior surgeries and procedures, dismissals and ignorance from the medical community.

I am going to make a follow up with Hibner. I want to discuss this AMAZING vast reduction in pain and overall symptoms, with all the right blocks in and active together. I need to understand where he placed the two, bilateral pudendal nerve blocks. And see if it’s possible to start looking into the implantable nerve stimulator devices. Or interstims, as I refer to them as.

I don’t want to do quarterly procedures.

I don’t want anesthesia and epidurals anymore.

I can’t even begin to describe the spine pain I constantly feel in one general area… epidurals hurt. Especially botched epidurals. I wonder, is that area healed before they’re punching another huge needle through my spine three months later?… If I’m lucky, and I mean IF- the anesthesiologists gets me on one poke. I’ve come out of there with 9 visible, ‘attempts’ to get a spinal placed for one procedure. The last anesthesiologists said because I’m so super skinny, it’s actually harder to get an epidural placed. Who knew…

I just can’t do it anymore. I sound so ungrateful and believe me, I’m not. I’m just very battle worn. Body and mind.

I feel like the vulvodynia, PGAD, pelvic floor dysfunction are all nerve related secondary to muscular. I’ve had the two conditions my entire life. As long as I can remember, I have had pain and remember hypersensitivity including orgasms in kindergarten but didn’t have a clue what they were. I didn’t have very many of them. I remember oddities like that for as long as I can remember… always pain. Always hypersensitive.

So, it’s time for a long term alternative. I need to know what being hyper Mobil will do to leads being placed, can one device implant in two separate areas of the pudendal nerve, bilaterally? Can one device control 4 leads?

I have a lot to learn and a lot of support from fellow pgad badasses that have already gone before me! They Blazed this trail… and lit it up so I could see the option is there.

I’ll update soon. Once I have a Hibner appointment scheduled or the blocks wear off… Let’s see how long the blocks work. I’m a month in. They last 6-8weeks. Eek



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