Almost a week out.

I’m almost a week out from my wicked procedure lineup on Thursday. Bilateral SI joint injections, bilateral clitoral nerve blocks, bilateral pudendal nerve blocks, 300 units of pelvic floor Botox, bladder cystoscopy with 30 minute hydrodistension. My body is a pin cushion.

I feel like complete crap. The SI joint injections have kicked my butt but mainly the left joint Injection. Like it wasn’t the correct spot or it’s still out of alignment. It is causing the left pelvic floor to not sit right. I keep getting a Charlie horse in the left side only, it’s weak but still painful. the the left side of my neck is pulling really weird.

The clitoral nerve blocks are at 80% quiet now. They went from a completely, 100%, never-get-to-feel quiet to 80% quiet. Sudden Nerve shocks don’t feel very nice. Particularly when they’re always at the worst times. I hope 80% is the worst it gets before it calms down again. To know it can be quite but isnt is unbearable mentally.

Sleep is required to heal and there isn’t much happening lately. My mental anxiety is only increasing due to the recent loss of my grandmother and required travel to say my final goodbyes.

My goal to do this Percocet free is gone.

My goal to be positive and focus on healing is gone.

My focus is surviving the next week or so until the full effects of these blocks take hold. Once the dust settles, then I’ll know if it worked or not.

Cross your fingers, toes and legs. I need all the help I can get. Prayer and positive vibes are all welcome too.

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