What ’didn’t happen’.

My plan to corner Dr. Hibner crumbled five minutes after He got in the room.

First question he asks, what makes you drive to see me…

PGAD, I say can’t live like this…- he asks what treatment have we done… (he’s logging into a new computer system so we start chatting about what has happened and what I think we’ve done so far)… I say, what was the last medication that was injected for the dorsal clitoral nerve blocks. He pulls up the note and- says, there wasn’t one done.

I just looked at him and calmly said our communication has sucked- (WHILE MY MIND IS SCREAMING AND RUNNING AND FILPPING TF OUT- it wasn’t even done) my fault and your fault… and now I have zero pain relief and I’ve been freaking out, in a constant anxiety mode with horrible pelvic pain, vulvodynia pain and I added that massive SI joint injury to the mix and all to drive here to discover the right procedures weren’t done.


At least I can stop beating myself up trying to figure out why this whole injection/block/hydro treatment was different. No wonder I have zero relief. Not to mention, he only injected 200 units of Botox and I needed at least 300 units.

So, The clitoral nerve block simply wasn’t done at the last procedure… Poor Dr. Hibner was mortified the order was wrong. We talked about the morning of that procedure and I explained that I asked a couple times during check in and up to anesthesia to add those procedures in addition to upping the dose on Botox. They all said they’d take care of it or try to add the block but no guarantee, it’s Ultrasound guided and can take a while to schedule… blah.blah.blah… same story as today. Which is fine. I don’t care how long it takes to coordinate these treatments because they happen every three months. Like clock work. Every quarter. Every quarter should be a combo of 4 procedures: 300-400 units of pelvic floor Botox. 30 minutes bladder hydrodistension. Bilateral pudendal nerve blocks. Bilateral clitoral nerve blocks.

Next time, I won’t sign the surgery consent if it’s not right. Lesson learned. This time, Hibner put my orders in the computer while I was sitting there so we agreed on the format while I was there… then, if there are any changes, I know to be diligent and identifying what orders need to be changed. It was no one persons mistake, just a spiral effect.

So now what? I will see his new partner, Dr. Julie Hastings, December 27th. Dr. Hastings will do a PGAD evaluation and Psaos/SI joint evaluation.

Hibner believes there is not a one single cause of any of this for me… I said, ‘which means I’ll never find an original cause and that means I’ll likely never be rid of it…?’. He agreed and then quickly added they’re getting a potential new laser tissue regeneration machine where they’ll be the first pelvic pain center to pilot the treatment with vaginal wands (think vaginal US- same concept). Treatment will be a consecutive 5 days in a row, in his office. Sign me up!!! I’ll get more info at the end of January. He also mentioned something about a new pudendal nerve interstim but asked that I get info from Dr. Hastings.

Hibner reminded me most doctors don’t even think this really exists so new treatment is few and far between…

I beg to differ. It exists. And treatment should be priority!!

I’ll update after my appointment with Hastings.

Until then, I’ll grieve the loss of hope, that I’d actually be able to reverse PGAD. It’s a shitty view from here.



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