Down the rabbit hole, I go.

I’m back in familiar territory… one full of pain. I’m so sad to say that the pain is almost overwhelming tonight. One injury… one, smack in the SI joint and I’m literally back in overwhelming pain.

The pelvic floor is so tight. The bottom of that rabbit hole looks like this: Problems with bowel movements again, nothing in OR out. Urinating 50+ times a day! The radiating pain down my legs and numb toes. This is a colorful landscape of angry pain combinations. One I hate to feel again.

I feel SO sad to be here, again. Seriously. Never take good days for granted.

Hibner has added to his clinic schedule- I’m blessed to have been tucked nicely into his added day in Mid December. I’ll apologize for being unreasonable about the MRI and actually talk to him about this damn diagnosis of PGAD and maybe try to tie all these pieces together in my head.

I also started HRT again. I know… I swore I’d never do HRT but, I’m not doing so well off it. My blood work showed estrogen was less than 5 and un-reable! I had pellets implanted last week and was given a prescription for progesterone. Blood work also revealed my thyroid is very low. Even though I did lose more weight, I’d gotten a couple more pounds on me… trying to push thru and eat food.

*back to the toolbox for pain relief!


Lilly Sue

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