One small bump causes massive ripples of pain.

So, I posted a couple days ago that the garage door handle smacked into my left SI joint. See red where I initially felt pain…. and the SI joint is in black.

I saw a starburst of pain. Literally. Pain. The pain that hits all the senses at once… it steals your breath, your vision & your attention span. That’s just the instant pain. After the initial starburst I was surprised I was still standing. Tears in my eyes I thought to myself- ok… maybe I’ll be okay. I went about my day and finished all I wanted to do.

Then, bed time. I lay down and the second I relax my body, the first (of a night full of) Charlie horse starts… ripping through my pelvic region it’s intense and frustrating. I was exhausted and ready for bed. I needed to sleep but was unable to ever rest. *sigh*

Here is the agonizing part of all this crap…Today, 3 days after knob vs SI joint… I’m bruised. Very tender and I’m having a hell of a time with random Charlie horses ripping through the pelvic floor. I don’t know if I chipped a bone or not and even if I did, it won’t matter as there isn’t anything to do about that. BUT- My pudendal neuralgia, PGAD and IC are all playing off the Charlie horses… the pain is ridiculous.

The constant reminder that my body is at war with itself gets overwhelming. It makes me sad. My heart hurts and I’m tired. I left a message for Dr. Hibner. I know the next Botox session isn’t until the first of the year, and there isn’t much he can do now. But maybe, just maybe… he has a suggestion.

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