….ooooooo! I’ll be in the corner, crying.

I’ve just had another Spontaneous orgasm. Right after telling Dr. D’Souza, pcp, That I’ve only had one, awake-spontaneous orgasm… I fucking have another one. Not 30 minutes later.

I leave this appointment,…[[[where we discuss my job, family and personal crisis levels… why I’ve lost more weight… this damn SI Joint injury, the next appointment with Hibner, the PGAD diagnosis…hard appointment but as always, Dr. D loves me and has believed me since day one. I walk out feeling like I’ll make it. ♥️*sigh*~ such a simple gift of understanding- Thank you, Dr. Netley D’Souza. You never left my side. ♥️]]]…and I’m in a hurry as I’m gonna meet my bff at court. She has to testify against her, soon-to-b-ex that assaulted her. I was in a hurry and didn’t want to miss court.

I get a last minute text that her court address is different. I parked close to the back of the new court house and plugged a ‘walk’ into google maps. Wrong idea. I got so turned around and then so upset because I didn’t want to miss court… I got lost and upset and frustrated and I was in a super fast hurry… walking fast… bam- another spontaneous orgasm.

Fuck me. I literally relaxed my body, stopped walking fast and just cried, huge-crocodile tears… walking slowly across downtown…. privately and silently riding out a painful and unwanted spontaneous orgasm.

Let’s just say, that SI joint injury was NO joke. I knew that it had set me back.


WOW! Back to Unwanted spontaneous orgasms?


I tried to call my love and cry to him but I can’t even say what happened out loud.

This is a hell on earth that I just can’t reconcile deserving in real time. I think I’m crying harder now than while it was happening.

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