Oh Crap! Duloxetine is Cymbalta

I wanna cry. I just realized that I was on Duloxetine for the last 5 years. That’s generic cymbalta! Damn it- when I stopped taking my Duloxetine (couldn’t afford the copay and couldn’t see it helping with my PFD and frozen pelvic floor… so, another drug I don’t need). Plus, the gastroparesis flares really follow stress and when I’m a flare, taking pills makes me sick. Gastroparesis is its own post so that comes later…

My pcp, Dr. D’Souza, gave Duloxetine to me for nerve pain. Our ‘generic’ classification of some of my symptoms, and need for pain relief as well as antidepressants, despite the fact that I didn’t have a firm diagnosis.

So, forward 5 years later, I decided to self wean off Duloxetine. It never dawned on me it was Cymbalta. Once my body cleared the drug, that’s when my PGAD symptoms flared big time! My first, long lasting spontaneous orgasm as an adult. 😔😢

*sigh* I just want to sob. It’s hard to not feel like the very arrogant medical community has not only failed me but they’ve set me up!

But, saying Dr. D set me up isn’t accurate. He’d never do that and to be honest, he is the one doctor that he believed me since day ONE! He didn’t set me up.

So… does that mean…

I failed myself….??………???

I realize that by not understanding my body and where the pain was coming from has truly created many incorrect treatments and dismissals by physicians. But on the other side of that statement is this one: the physicians never helped me understand it. They never said a word about Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy until 5 years ago and then, my therapist did NOT understand what I actually needed. I can provide example after example to prove how the medical community failed me and how I failed me.

This 30,000 ft overview makes me sick. I literally want to sob.

It’s time to come up with a list of things every endometriosis patient should be required to do! Here is my list…

IMMEDIATELY, at suspected endometriosis, patients should be referred to specialized classes across many disciplines within the medical community! Let’s build pain relief toolbox’s right away and let’s pack them first and foremost with the logistical parts of the body! I love the Orange is the New Black, 2 pee holes?! episode! LOL- it’s the perfect reason to explain why women need to be sent for PFPT! We must know, Is it the bladder or the pelvic floor? Tendons or ligament pain? Fascia Pain? Educate yourself in the body.

Of course, I’d be here for ever outlining what’s needed right away and as I continue to type, I realize so I’m going to give it an entire post, soon but I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Drop me a comment or email@ oldgirlintheendogame.blog or via Facebook!


Anyways- be kind to yourself, be open to new treatments and learn all you can about how YOUR body works. Don’t be your own worst enemy and don’t let them dismiss you! Piece of cake, right!? *said NO #endowarrior ever! WTF… lol


Lilly Sue

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2 thoughts on “Oh Crap! Duloxetine is Cymbalta”

  1. sigh… it is so hard to keep ourselves educated because the Dr. don’t… sometimes they don’t even know themselves… That is why we most all come together and share our knowledge. I have a background in animal reproductive medicine and after being Dx with endo I dove into the human side. Reading most recent research etc… I am so glad I have a medical background of any kind because it equipt me to learn and understand the scientific jargon. So now I am starting a blog in hope to share the information in new research in a more approachable manner for others who don’t know much at all about reproductive medicine. Because we have to be our own advocates…


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