What’s that humm…mmmm…

Damn it. The hum of the PGAD is back. Granted, it’s not the roar it was before the blocks but I’m not even a week post procedure.


I want to cry. Showering hurts, water hurts… my non-soap cleaners haven’t eased it either. I think it’s time to review a couple other potential contributing factors.

  1. I WILL be scheduling an MRI. While Dr. Hibner believes any cysts found aren’t going to change my treatment options, we didn’t have a solid discussion on my early childhood trauma and or the massive tailbone injury I sustained in the 6th grade.
  2. While the MRI may be useful, I personally don’t believe an MRI will show if it is endometriosis or scar tissue thats invading the nerves and or compressing it. I saw this because my previous experience with MRI’s never showed the intestines were strangled and Mayo mis-diagnosed me.
  3. I believe the pgad symptoms are actually much worse in/on the right side of the clitoral area. Odd… why?
  4. I need to understand what, if any, role the Interstitial Cystitis plays.
  5. Urination causes symptoms to worsen- WHY! That makes me not want to drink anything and that can’t happen.
  6. Are urethra spasms a thing?? This PGAD feels higher up than just the surface… why?
  7. I need estrogen/progesterone therapy- I need to understand how I can have these hormones in my body and not FEED endo—???
  8. The fact that I’m in surgical menopause and have been HRT free for the last 3 years, does that contribute to an increase in PGAD symptoms? Vaginal dryness is only getting worse, not better!
  9. Can someone please tell me what underwear to buy!!!!!! Geeze man! N.O.T.H.I.N.G feels okay, much less good!
  • So many things to research and review. I promise to keep all the details coming, as I discover the next steps… what helps and doesn’t help.
  • If you’re a fellow PGAD badass, please help answer my crazy questions above, if able. Contact me via Facebook OR email me at oldgirlintheendogame@gmail.com

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