Procedure #150,004,987

Just kidding. Sorta. Kind….a. Not really.

Haha! I have ZERO clue what procedure number this really is but who freaking cares. It’s yet one more procedure for pelvic pain. *Sigh*

Please don’t misunderstand my *sigh* for anything other than sheer exhaustion from another round of treatment that only lasts three months… I am however, eternally grateful that I do have a viable option for pain relief for the next three months!

…Actually- here is why I am sighing…

This procedure is making me nervous. More nervous than any other procedure like this that I’ve had, including the first one! I am still a little bit off on the bladder from the last procedure. So, will another hydro make it super flare again? Then, the 400 units of Botox kicked my ass, for real! It even changed the shape of my back/hips!!! I no longer have a sway back. It’s the craziest thing ever and something that no one told me would happen- i actually believe no one knew it would do that. Imagine just how tight my pelvic floor must of been to pull my hips that way! Next, clitoral /pudendal nerve blocks… those are always fun and leave me bruised in a way that would appear I survived a serious and violent incident. But, I go. Every three months. For pain relief. It’s one of the ways I’ve managed to remove so many opiates from my pain management tool box.

Anyways, tomorrow is another procedure. I plan on cornering Hibner on the Dr. Lee, interventional radiology- cryo guy & the suspected PGAD diagnosis. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll be able to hook me up tomorrow with a block I haven’t ever heard of…???

Anyways… love and hugs, fellow warriors. Xx 😘

💛 #OldGirlintheEndoGame

#suckitendo #endendo #endostrong #pudendalnervepain #endometriosis #pelvicfloordysfunction #interstitialcystitis #MMJpioneer #almostopiatefree #marijuanapatient #marijuanaismedicine #TeamHibner #TeamDsouza #refuseLupron #PGADisreal #anxietyanddepressionhurt


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