Cleaning the lady bits

So, I’ve been cruising through the Facebook groups. Ya know, Like any other pain patient in 2018, I’m always searching for ways to relieve symptoms or new treatment options. I ran across a very good post one day about 2 months ago where women were asking what to clean their vaginal area that won’t cause additional irritation.

GREAT QUESTION! I think that as a vulvodynia sufferer, it should be one of the first items women are educated on!

Stop using super heavy perfumed soaps and cleansers! Buy an aqueous cleanser. It is a non soap based cleaner thats fragrance free and non-drying. It causes zero additional irritation and soothes an irritated area.

Here is what I was able to find in the US- Amazon.

The item posted by the original user was this:

I believe this is what you can buy in the UK!

Happy cleaning

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