Who needs a doctor? I’m armed with the Internet!!

I was online, cruising through Facebook groups when I see a PM from a group Moderator telling me I’d violated a group rule about posting links. I had posted my blog link hoping to help another lady suffering like me…

No biggie, I’ll go pull it down but because I had a couple people asking me additional questions, she didn’t delete my post because she was hoping I’d delete my link but wanted me to still be able to answer the ladies questions.

I PM the ladies asking questions and one lady in particular ended up helping me!

I’ve posted before about the wicked hypersensitivity in the vaginal region. It’s so bad that I’ve recently started to experienced some new and very unexpected, unexplainable and extremely painful clitoral orgasms out of NO WHERE! Walking to the truck, climbing in the truck, wrong underwear, jeans, how pants are made, all combine to make what I always thought was a yeast infection 10000000 times worse! This lady tells me she has pgad… I’m like: whoa, one I don’t know about yet… she tells me it is called persistent genital arousal disorder.

****Screech- stop. Wait!!! What!? ***

Remember that post about being super hypersensitive? I always feel a hum… like a buzz underneath the surface and it causes touch to be too much. This is why! If the touch is unexpected or too hard, not hard enough- it sets up a buzz that doesn’t feel very good. It’s very intense. It would feel amazing if it were the right intensity but it isn’t. It’s been this way for years but it’s progressively gotten worse… until one day about 4 months ago, I go to climb in the truck and have tight leggings on and all the sudden orgasm but it’s so painful and doesn’t leave me or stop. Literally, it stuck around all afternoon. About two hours. I cried. Put ice packs on the whole vaginal area and even tried a hot bath. Finally calmed down but wow.

I never knew this existed in real life. I knew women reported these things from some TV show in the early 00’s that presented it as a ‘sideshow’ issue. Something that every woman would want! Always aroused. Always ready! NONO NO NONONONONONONO!!! Let me say it again, NO- it flat out fucking hurts!

Since this latest symptom is ‘new’ for me, I quickly tossed those leggings and vowed to make sure to climb in the truck more carefully. But it’s happened a couple more times and even in my sleep. The intensity I feel just to urinate is almost more than I can stand.

PGAD… who knew it was real!? Who knew that Dr. Hibner is also going to be one of the best ones to help me get treatment… I’ll be calling him on Monday.

Here is the article that was shared with me on PGAD today. I believe I have a mild form of the disease. I hope by sharing this, it helps other women like me… who just didn’t know. I promised myself I’d blog this journey as truthfully as I could and even though this is so hard to be open about, I just feel so much better knowing I am not crazy, this can happen, it does hurt, doctors don’t understand it and usually don’t know about it anyways.

So, thank you Facebook! A chance encounter with another pain patient and a very sweet Moderator whom allowed me to make contact before deleting my link. Thank you for solving, what I hope, is my last pain puzzle piece! ♥️ Thank you to my amazing husband who teared up as I was sobbing in the truck today, after a crazy chance encounter, online. Thank you to my friends and my brother and sister. Your support makes my life possible. I’m off to do research and see if I can figure out what to do now.

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