Strong women! ♥️

It’s rare that I get to visit my sister and I don’t have to schedule a quick turn around to rush home for work… True story… For the first time ever, I got to help her paint, decorate and organize her new house!

I have always had an amazing network of strong women in my life. My Whole life, I was raised was with strong, resilient, beautiful & gentle women. They bless me in every way, every day. I wrapped up my week by taking my Great Auntie and my little to lunch. One of my favorite childhood memories of my Great Auntie is her sitting my cousins, sister and I all down and telling us, ‘Don’t EVER be a stupid woman. Learn to change your own tire, your own oil, hang a curtain rod, fix a leaky toilet. Never count on a man to do anything and never pay someone to do what you can do yourself’! Today I got to tell her ‘Thank You’! ♥️♥️♥️

Anyways… I had an awesome week with one of the strongest women I know, my sister! She actually let ME go nuts and hang/re-hang/wire 7 light fixtures and then replace 3 original (1950’s) light switches. All in her new house… I know what you’re thinking- WTH! Right?!?!?!!! LOL- who’s lost their mind, most? Me for doing it OR Sister for letting me!

One of the funniest conversations after all this; I text my husband, who works with electricity for a living, all my pictures. He said I was in big trouble for making him do ALL the work, hanging light fixtures for the family… all these years! I reminded him who his ‘helper’ had been all those years and who really taught me how to do all these cool things! HIM of course~ I’m just the apprentice. Thank you Jedi Master! 😘

Thank you sister for the amazing time. I needed every minute. Also, thank you for the faith in my ability to do all those things. Thank you Great Aunt for the life lessons, early on… learn everything you can, about all you can- take every opportunity to learn to be independent! Thank you husband for teaching me all I know. Thank you for answering ~ AND for KNOWING WHAT I WAS ASKING each time I had a question. ♥️ Thank you to my Little for surfacing from Instagram to help.

Healing time… this week ended up being some solid healing time for me. ** Mind. Body. Soul. ** I am getting stronger emotionally and mentally! I feel like I accomplished so much this week and I loved every minute of it! Thank you sister~ I love you to the Moon and back!

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