My Journey, Part 3… Depo Lupron

Depo Lupron is a medication given to women to treat endometriosis. The Lupron Time period of my life deserves its own post.

First, please understand that Lupron is a chemotherapy drug with some nasty side effects in the short term. But what about the long term side effects? Here is an article to explain Lupron and long term side effects that are just now coming to light among those of us given the drug. It seems impossible for me to be old enough to be part of a group of women that are now able to present the long term issues.

I remember getting my first Lupron shot and thinking these shots couldn’t possibly be worse than the pain I dealt with every period. So, shot one was administered by Dr. Chins’ office. The needle was three inches long… I had to stand with one knee bent, resting the weight of my leg on my toes. This ensured the muscle was relaxed due to positioning. The injection left my entire side, entire hip sore. All the way to the bone sore. I remember taking my husband with me and seeing the sadness in his face at the wicked needle they just jabbed in my butt! πŸ˜” He has been there for it all!

Of course, it was a fight with the insurance to get what I needed. Dr. Chin’s office had a dispute with my insurance as a whole and her practice dropped the insurance. That left me scrambling to get a doctor that would be covered by my insurance and allow me to continue Lupron therapy as expected. I already had my meds, just needed someone who could give me the shot. I did find a temporary doc but can’t remember who it was as I only had to stay there for 2 injections and then it was back to Dr. Chin when she re-signed with my insurance and it was business as usual. During my mad dash scramble to find a new GYN to help administer my Lupron… I discovered that there was another doctor, referred to as an endo specialist, that practiced in Tucson. Dr. Alton Hallum. Since I was knee deep into Lupron. I just filed Dr. Hallum’s name for later.

***My memories of 6 months of Lupron are as follows: holy hot flashes… Night sweats, cognitive delays, exhaustion, flu like symptoms, insomnia and extreme sadness. I remember very little discussion about the long term side effects. I was under the impression that once the drug was stopped, I was in the clear. I knew I could only do 6 months at a time due to immediate side effects. I don’t know how but I managed to survive 6 months of Lupron. Go me! 6 months of crazy hell with hot flashes… I did all that for one month of pain relief. The 7th month was the only month that didn’t revolve around pain. Surely this was a total fluke, right? So far, I’m TWO pelvic surgeries in and one course of Lupron. All that for one month, with no pain. Then, it was back to my usual monthly pain, cycling around my period. I couldn’t believe I just did six months of brutal menopause and this shit is still hurting! How does one beat endometriosis?!

**β€’β€’ Fast Forward to today. Lupron still haunts me. I believe this drug has cost me teeth, bone and joint health. About 4 years ago my brother said his back issues were related to his spinal degeneration. His very thorough PCP ordered a DEXA scan to test the density of the bones. My brothers came back with osteopenia (beginning osteoporosis). I started thinking that I better look into my bones since I was starting to read that women like me were having issues they’ve been able to link to Lupron use. I thought, I’m now allergic to dairy (a story for a different day) and better pay attention to my calcium intake… so I bug my amazing PCP, Netley D’Souza, MD. He agrees and sends me for a dexa scan even though I’m technically not old enough for one… and low and behold… I have full blow osteoporosis. Irreversible. I have the bones of an 80 year old. Recently I was in a Facebook forum and advised a young endometriosis patient to do ALL her research on Depo Lupron prior to allowing the injections. I hope to educate as many women as possible. Lupron is not the cure for endometriosis.

So, that’s my Lupron story and I’d like to make sure that every woman offered this drug understands what the drug is and what the long term effects are. If I had it to do over, I’d never allow that drug into my body again. #refuseLupron #lupronsurvivor

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