My journey, part 2

After hitting dead end after dead end, I landed at Dr. Stephanie Chin’s office. She was the first one to believe something was wrong with me, despite the.. ‘No Black Spots’ operative report! Dr. Chin was a doll and a breath of fresh air! She was young, excited to practice and had better information on what endometriosis was! She said she needed to go back in and see what was going on. The official diagnosis from my second surgery was endometriosis of the ovaries, tubes and abdominal wall. You can find tons of endometriosis information here: Endometriosis. I like the article because they point out that endometriosis is endometrium ‘like’ tissue that acts similar. I want to point that out because current research does not show enough proof that the endometriosis implants actually look and act differently than the endometrial lining of the uterus. By this time I’m 23, I think. That’s 12 years after the onset of symptoms… pain and tears and lots of doctor hopping! Average time to diagnose a woman with endometriosis is 10 years! Disgusting and IMO, the medical community should be ashamed… but… there isn’t a person reading this that I need to convince of that! Ha! So, back to Dr. Chin. I finally had my confirmed, through pathology, Endometriosis diagnosis. Little did I know that was only the beginning of the battles to come. As a chronically ill person, you fight for a firm diagnosis and when you get it, you believe you’re set to start treatments and feel better. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for many endo women. It certainly wasn’t for me either. My battle has been uphill for as far back as my memory takes me. I know that if you ask my husband and partner for the last 27 years, he’d say the same. The heartbreak of convincing people the pain is real was more than I could take but he was always there to help me up as soon as I could stand. Dr Chin asked me to try Depo Lupron. I distinctly remember the conversation about the ‘menopause shot’ that would help my endo on a hormonal level to trick it into remission. I sure wish the internet was as robust then as it is now… maybe since this was 20 years ago, I’m one of the initial wave of women who were given a drug that was developed to treat prostate cancer. Either way, I’d found a doctor that believed me, confirmed my endo diagnosis and that meant she was the best one to follow into treatment. I did as asked and signed up for 6 months of Lupron- 6 months of shot Induced menopause to get 3-5 years pain free! Hell yeah! I can suffer for 6 months if I get 3-5 years pain free! Shoot me up! Head first, I dove into shot induced menopause. Watch out world.

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